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Payment Methods:

Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Cards, and Paypal.

Custom Inlay Inc. will no longer process COD orders. You may place your order with us, and select the "Bill" Opition. You will receive a invoice in your email. Please pay this invoice with a Cashier's Check, or a Money Order. If your order is a "Custom" order, we will not start processing your order until we receive payment. If your order is for "Standard" products, we will ship your order once we receive your payment.

NOTICE: Custom Inlay Inc, will not and does not accept orders on an "Open Account" basis. All orders have to be paid for at the time of ordering, or before shipment in the case of the "Bill" opition.

Credit Card Charge:

When we receive your order, we will Authorize your card for the total amount of your order. Once your order has been filled and is ready to ship, we will chrage your card. After we have received an Authorization number, your card has been charged, your order will be shipped. You will receice an email notification from our website with a tracking number so that you can tract your order thru USPS or UPS. Click the link below to tract your package. 

http://www.ups.com/WebTracking/track?oc=en_US or https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction!input.action

If there is any problem with your credit card, we will contact you and ask that you to correct any information, or to call us back at 270/879-0779 with the correct information.

Sales Tax

Custom Inlay Inc. does collect sales tax. You will have to pay Sales Tax on the items you purchase, under the following conditions.

If you live in the state of Kentucky, or if your order is shipped to an address in Kentucky, you will be charged sales tax on your order. Current Ky. Sales Tax is 6% of the total purchase price.

If you personally come to our shop, and purchase items at our shop, you will be charged sales tax on the items you buy.

If you meet any of the above conditions, you can avoid paying sales tax if, you are a "Reseller" and have an Tax-Expemt number, and complete a "Re-Sell Certificate" in full at the time of purchase.


When you place an order with our shopping cart, you will receive a copy of your order in your email. When you receive your order from Custom Inlay, you will find a copy of your invoice in your package.

Shipping Charge

The amount of shipping charged on your order will be based on the total amount of your order. Custom Inlay Inc. uses USPS Priority Mail as it's shipping carrier. The shopping cart will figure your shipping automatically. We can ship UPS if you prefer that method, you must contact our office at 270-879-0779 to receive a quote.

International Shipping

Custom Inlay Inc. does ship internationally. We use USPS and on a rare occasion we will use UPS. The shopping cart will figure your shipping automatically for USPS shipping. It will base the shipping amount of the total of the order and most countries have a 5% fee added due to international shipping expenses. If you need a shipping quote or have any questions, please contact our office at 270-879-0779.

Delivery Time

Most orders of standard products such as TRC's, standard inlay sets, inlay materials, etc., will ship within a day or two of you placing your order. We try to ship the same day if at all possible. If you place your order after 9:00 am, it will be the next day before your order will ship if your items are in stock.

Custom Orders, such as Inlayed Vines, Custom Drawing Orders, some inlayed fingerboards, etc., will ship with in 6 weeks of you placing your order. Due to the amount of options that we offer, it is impossible to stick every type of fingerboard and inlays that a customer would want.

If you would like to have a delivery time sent to you, please ask for this in the "SPECIAL REQUEST" section when you place your order.

Custom Inlay strives to complete and ship your order as quickly as possible.

Return Policy

Custom Inlay Inc. strives to ensure the quality of it's products. If there is a question concerning the quality of your order, please call us, we will be happy to work with you to resolve this matter. If a quality issue is determined to exist, at our option, we will replace your product or process a refund for you.

Standard products can be returned at our option, but there may be a restocking fee based on the situation. Please place your orders carefully.

Custom Products CANNOT be returned. Orders placd for engraved TRC's, custom drawing work etc., are NON-REFUNDABLE. This type of work is mostly one-of-a-kind work, and is not easily resold. Mis-spelled engraving on our fault is returnable, but mis-spelling on the customer's fault is not. Please double check all spelling and custom orders.

To return a product to us, you must first call and receive an authorization to return your product. Customer may return product at their choice of shipper, UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. Customer is completely responsible for insurance and safe return of product to Custom Inlay Inc. Once product has safely arroved at Custom Inlay, a replacement or refund will be processed depending on agreement made at the time of return authorization.

Damaged Shipment

If for any reason your shipment was damaged during shipment, please follow these guidlines.

  1. Check for any damage to the box when you receive your order. If there is any evidence of outside damage, please have the driver wait till you can unpack your box, to check for internal damage.
  2. If there is damage to the products inside the box, please have the drive make a note of this, and get a signed statement from him noting the damage.
  3. SAVE ALL PACKING MATERIAL AND PRODUCTS ! DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY. If all packing materials and products are not kept, this could result in a denial of damage by the carrier. This action would also relieve Custom Inlay Inc. of any responsibility for damage. 
  4. Contact Custom Inlay Inc. at 270/879-0779 and give us the details of the damage. We will give you instructions on what to do, and we will start a claims process thru the carrier.


Custom Inlay strives to keep as many items in stock and ready to ship as possible. Due to high customer demands and the many different options that we offer, it is not always possible to keep everything in stock. Custom and out of stock items, are worked to ship within 4-6 weeks.

If a product is back ordered, and it will be out side of the 4-6 weeks time frame, we will contact you and give you a delivery date, plus we will contact you before shipping your back ordered item.

Canel Order

If you place an order for standard inlays, you may cancel your order before it is shipped. If your order has been shipped, then you may return it to us for a refund, but you will still be responsible for the shipping charges to you and the return shipping charges.

All Custom Orders are non-refundable. If you have placed an order for custom work, cancelation will depend on which stage your work is in.Please contact us if you need to cancel your custom order.


Custom Inlay is always glad to provide you with a quote on all of your custom inlay needs. If you want a certain pattern that we do not have, or if you have designed your own pattern we will be glad to help.

We will need some information from you first before we can supply a quote to you.

  1. We need to see a sample of the art work that you are wanting. This can be a picture, a hand drawing, or a printout. Please mail, fax, or email this to use.
  2. We need to know what material you are wanting this pattern cut from, Mother of Pearl, AbaLam, Pearlessence Plastics, Wood, etc.
  3. We will need a size of the inlays.
  4. Will this this project be inlayed into, or will it be just inlays.
  5. Will you need just one set, or will this be a quantity order, and will the order be on going.
  6. What time frame are you needing this work done.

Please direct all quotes to Bryan England or Jason Clark at 270-879-0779.

Custom Painting

Custom Inlay offers you the ability to send in your own picture and have it hand painted on your instrument of choice by Bluegrass Artist Jackie Shepherd. Please supply a 3" X 5" picture or larger. Jackie has done many paintings this way, but she will need a very good detailed and clear picture.

Please send a picture and the details of the painting that you are wanting. We will return a quote to you with a time frame for completion.


Your credit card and other personal information is NOT saved on our web site. All personal information is sent to our site thru PGP encryption, and is destroyed after your order has been processed an paid for.

Custom Inlay Inc. does not, nor will in the future release your personal information. We value the privacy of our customers !

Custom Inlay Inc. Will not ask for your personal information. If we experience any problems with your payment methods, we will notify you, and ask that you to verify and update your information, or to call us back with your information at 270/879-0779.

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